About Me

I'll be your candidate in the Parliamentary elections, 2019. It's my second election contest - in February 2015 I had contested New Delhi Assembly constituency to start understanding the electoral process.

The 2019 election is the next step, to understand contest at a bigger level. Everything about the campaigning and manifesto is new and ethically grounded, e.g., the campaign is funded by my personal wealth, it's increasingly technology-based, and building a platform to be used by anyone else.

Education: Computer Engineering (Jadavpur University, 1987) in an ancient time when no more than 300 students had the privilege to write software codes; Cost and Works Accountant; M.Tech. (Systems) from IIT Delhi; MBA from INSEAD.


We are definitely living through the most transformational period in human history – in pace and quantum of change. Every year in the new millennium has heralded a new dawn; indeed, we are living in once-in-a-thousand-years moments.

2015 was no different. Globally, among other events, in 2015, we witnessed elections in Myanmar (Burma), its first elections in 25 years. It came about after five decades of military rule, and the elections were declared free and relatively fair. The Paris Climate Agreement materialised as the humanity could come together to fight climate change – every country signed on to it.

2015 ushered when the fight against ebola looked very bleak. Thousands of people had died, yet the disease showed little signs of abating. However, 12 months later, December 28, 2015, to be precise, the affected region is ebola free! Guinea was declared free of ebola on the fateful day in December.

For India, 2015 may not be bettered anytime in a near future on one count at the least – AAP won unprecedented, rather impossible (yes, beyond rational possibilities) electoral victory in the capital of our country! And that too just under a year of the fairly massive mandate for our Prime Minister and under his nose (BJP and the PM personally did everything to win over Delhi). AAP’s 2015 success is also unparalleled when compared to the similar political revolutions across the world, e.g., France, Canada, South Korea, Argentina, Ireland, Portugal, and even USA in a way, to just name a few. 2015 most assertively brought out the following new directions in Indian politics:

  1. There is unambiguous message that political alternatives are being sought by people
  2. An equally powerful message is that people are open to ‘new-age politicians’
  3. A new narrative of governance has a big appeal
  4. All sections of society can come together for a political revolution
  5. The capital of the country is ready to lead the change

New Delhi 2015 is my name for the new political movement that captures the essence of the people’s verdict in the capital in 2015 and will strive with all that it takes to reform ‘politics’ and governance to enrich the life of every Indian!

Why call it ‘New Delhi 2015’?

I have a personal association with the 2015 Delhi Assembly elections – I contested the same as an independent candidate from the New Delhi constituency! While I was preparing for a while to take the fruitless middle-class coffee-table political discussions to some meaningful end, I wasn’t prepared for a plunge myself.

However, there was something special about AAP’s participation in the 2015 elections – I had brief personal interactions with AAP’s leadership and I was convinced that AAP was far poorer in vision for governance and India’s future needs nothing less than a revolution in governance (even if it could address issues of corruption and the likes). Unfortunately, my gut feel is turning out to be true – AAP has wasted away the historic mandate, the opportunity.

I am, thus, more convinced than ever to commit myself more towards galvanising the spirit of the 2015 mandate for seeding newer political changes and showcasing the same for the entire nation.