Institute for Living Capital

We have conceived ILC to catalyse capacity building for political education across the country, and be a model for political evolution of people across the world. The nature of politics (in the form of liberal democracy) is the biggest deterrent to a happy earth - politics matters far more than we imagine.

To be true, the most important sociological, technological, and mathematical innovations are waiting to happen in building next-gen political collective models which will make the earth and its children better by the day, without exception.

We will leverage Internet and our educational leadership to empower every child and adult to be politically active in the best interest of their community and society.

We are witnessing a time humanity never ever aspired for - an increasingly intelligent non-live environment. We all know it is changing our lives in every way, including the very definition of foundational social institutions, such as marriage, family, and gender itself.

However, the common thread running through our current developmental paradigm remains tribal; for example, we're about making our won family, community, nation, or organisation richer (at the cost of others). In essence, we haven't changed enough to see each of us belonging to the now real, (organically) connected, global humanity.

ILC vision, mission, organisation and the first set of interventions are still evolving and we hope to unfold then on 1st July, 2019.


Politics of political parties is definitely dead - no political party can rise above 'rajneeti' (the craft to rule), it's created to find all means to rule. Of course, we can't blame the self-declared 'rajnetas' (politicians), we (citizens) get what we vote for! We all need to change, we need to rise above 'bijli, pani, sadak. ghar, and roti' because in sixty years we've only added more to the list and not got any of these (we all know Delhi roads, inverters and water purifiers are in every home) and now the list is even worse, and bigger - 'hawa, safety, dignity (of life), bijli, pani, sadak ...).

We need to imagine and take steps towards new-age politics - highly educated professionals, technology - powered, demonstrated public service and commitment, 'part-time' political careers, and self-funded political careers.

Incidentally, technology can help us most comprehensively change governance.